North Central Washington's Playground

Great Lodging

1The Winthop area has some of the finest lodging options you will find anywhere in Washington State.


North Cascades Hwy

2The North Cascades Highway is arguably one of the most scenic drives in North America.


Area Activities

3The Methow Valley is an area that sees all four seasons of weather. Summers are hot and dry and the winters can be harsh with plunging temperatures and beautiful snow. This makes Winthrop an ideal destination for many different types of recreation including:

• Hiking
• Mountain Biking
• Horseback Riding
• Cross-Country Skiing
• Snowboarding
• River Rafting

And Much More...




Located in the remote Methow Valley of Washington State, Winthrop has attracted visitors for centuries. Back in the early settlement days of the 1800's, Native Americans camped along the banks of the Methow, Twisp, and Chewuch Rivers to hunt and fish. As Winthrop formed a town it was named after Theodore Winthrop, a 19th Century Explorer, and the town today rests at the confluence of the Methow and Chewuch Rivers.

In 1972, the North Cascades Highway was completed and the citizens of Winthrop seized the opportunity it presented. With the help of local lumber baroness Kathryn Wagoner and Leavenworth architect Robert Jorgenson, they rebuilt the town to resemble the early western days of the 1800's.

Winthrop is a small country western town located at the foot of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. This town is rich in history starting with trappers and gold seekers and today the local folks are down-to-earth people who are proud of their town and their countryside.

From the moment you arrive, you'll feel that warm hospitality and welcome that's always been associated with our western heritage of long ago.

Step back in time as you stroll down the wooden boardwalks outside the saloons and trading posts. It's truly an experience you'll remember for a long time to come. Summer festivals remain a huge attraction for visitors that come to Winthrop. Although the North Cascades Highway does not remain open during the winter months, Winthrop remains a popular destination for Cascade loop travelers.



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